Lesson Observation Services 

We can undertake sole and/or joint Observations to assess both the effectiveness of teaching/training, learning and assessment by your Teachers/Tutors/Lecturers/Trainers/Assessors and the quality of the judgements by the Observer and provide your Organisation with an independent and impartial assessment. 

We provide bespoke services which include making use of either our own Lesson Observation paperwork or your own, as preferred.  Our services also include a free summary report on the outcomes of the Lesson Observations that you can use as part of your own self-assessment processes.

Our bespoke services include: 
  • Observing Teachers/Tutors/Trainers/Lecturers/Assessors delivering taught sessions and/or assessing individuals to highlight areas of good and poor practice 
  • Grading (if required) in line with Ofsted's Common Inspection Framework Written Observation records provided for each Teacher/Tutor/Trainer/Lecturer/Assessor observed 
  • Verbal and written develomental feedback provided after the session to each Teacher/Tutor/Trainer/Lecturer/Assessor observed 
  • Joint Observations with verbal feedback and advice provided for each internal Observer on the accuracy of judgements, quality of feedback and recommendations for improvement 
  • Written Observation records provided for each internal Observer observed
Typical Benefits/Added Value of our services:
  • Designers of education, training and assessment will plan sessions that effectively meet recipient’s needs
  • Tutors, trainers and assessors will have their skill base enhanced in order to deliver highly effective sessions and undertake purposeful assessment
  • Recipients will fully engage with education, training and assessment and rate their experience highly
All our services are tailored to a client's exact needs. 

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